Smart Buying

jewelry appraisal manhassettBuying an expensive piece of jewelry can be exciting, exhilarating, adventuresome, frustrating, tiring, confusing and time consuming – all at the same time! Often, shopping at more places only adds to your indecision. In sharp contrast to even a mere decade ago, today you have a lot of options when buying a piece of jewelry. Do you have a style, period, manufacturer, dealer or source in mind? In the metropolitan Tri-State area, a very similar piece of jewelry can often be purchased from a variety of sources, at a wide range of prices! Often Debòrah can save you a good amount of money. The first and most important step in navigating your way to the successful acquisition of jewelry is understanding your needs, preferences and tastes. Deborah can assist you in articulating exactly what you seek. She offers to you her deep passion, understanding and experience of gems, various precious metals, methods of manufacture, craftsmanship, artisans, the jewelry industry, local and global markets as well as the history and culture of jewelry. Debòrah’s breadth of knowledge allows her to direct you to the most appropriate sources to best satisfy your expectations. Jewelry is often handed down from generation to generation—you are buying not just for the present, but for all eternity. Let her help you come to the optimal decision.

Antique-RingThe Jewelry Appraiser is here to serve your needs. Debòrah has a mobile lab that can travel wherever necessary. On many occasions she has travelled on buying trips for large stores to secure new inventory. She also helps local shops. Debòrah can meet you wherever needed, or you can bring in any number of jewelry pieces into the lab. Either way, she can help you make a decision of which item(s) to purchase.

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