Jewelers Are NOT Qualified Appraisers!

I need to address an issue that people don’t fully understand and because they don’t, many of you are being taken advantage of!

Because someone refers to himself or herself as a Jeweler, does not mean that they are in any way qualified to appraise your jewelry.

Even a good jeweler who has worked hard to acquire the prestigious credentials as a graduate gemologist is still not by any means a jewelry appraiser or someone qualified to assess and/or purchase diamonds on your behalf.

A licensed and independent appraiser (they often appraise more than just jewelry) is not someone who gets involved buying and selling jewelry — they are professional appraisers who dedicate their time and focus to providing the finest appraising services in the world. Putting your trust into anyone less is a great way of having your property inaccurately appraised.

A jewelry appraiser worth their salt is someone who has been through and completed years of intense and rigorous training to achieve their current status. If you want to learn everything important about your jewelry and discover the greatest and most accurate value of your precious items, search for a licensed appraiser and do not be afraid to ask for references from some of their satisfied clientele.

There is obviously a lack of education when it comes to qualified appraising and unfortunately, thousands of jewelry owners have already been illegally taken advantage of and have been robbed of their jewelry’s true value.

Jewelry appraisalFrom personal jewelry appraising to having an estate appraised in the courts if you refuse to become a victim of someone claiming to have the credentials of an authentic appraiser, do your due diligence and make sure you’re in the right hands. The last thing you want is to look back and say, “would’ve-should’ve-could’ve!”

If you have any questions about finding a licensed, credible and qualified appraiser ion your area, feel free to contact me and I can direct you to someone who will take the greatest care of your goods.

I am an Independent Certified Gemologist Appraiser and received the highest credentials possible through The American Gem Society. As a Certified, Registered, Senior Gemologist appraiser, I am amongst a select few, 1of 19, professionals who have been given this title through the American Gem Society.

Here’s the biggest problem with impostor appraisers: It is not illegal to offer to appraise or to impersonate a qualified jewelry appraiser. Once the impostor is caught, sure, they’ll get in trouble, but the real problem, is that even if they did a decent job appraising your jewelry, once caught, the work they did for you becomes unofficial and the money you spent having your items appraised, will have been a waste. You will then have to have your items re-appraised and will have to have all of your documents and paperwork is redone to meet the proper requirements and specs.

In summary, the greatest thing you can do is located a highly recommended and credible independent certified appraiser who will take great care of you. Protect yourself and don’t become a victim!
Wishing you all the best,
Deborah A. Villepigue GG, RMV, AGA, SCM-NAJA, APPA, CGA, ICGA

The Jewelry Appraiser
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Phone: (516) 365-0888

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