Why Jewelry Appraisals Matter

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How important is it to have your jewelry appraised? It is crucial to have a valid appraisal for your valuable jewelry.

If you are going to insure your jewelry you must have one. Also, because the price of gold, diamonds and gems changes over time, it is important to have an appraisal tied to a specific point in time so there is an accurate reference of the value of the piece. If the item is lost, damaged or stolen there must be a frame of reference to determine the monetary value of the loss. Knowing how much your items are worth will help prevent you from under-insuring or over-insuring your pieces. Also, you cannot trust the seller of the jewelry to appraise the pieces. Insurance companies will only value an appraisal from an authority that is impartial, such as a certified jewelry appraiser. From divorces to estate taxes, to donations and loans, there are many reasons to have your jewelry professionally appraised. The Jewelry Appraiser is an Independent Certified and Accredited Gem Laboratory. Deborah Villepigue, GIA-GG, RMV, AGA is a highly respected member of the jewelry industry is one of only 19 people in the world who has been awarded the prestigious title of Independent Certified Gemologist Appraiser (ICGA).

Deborah is also an Advanced Personal Property Appraiser (APPA) with The American Gem Society.

She has been actively involved in the jewelry business since 1986. As owner of The Jewelry Appraiser Inc., she can be found at the only designated certified gemological laboratory in New York, located at 1295 Northern Blvd. Suite #15 Manhassett, New York, 11030.

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