Deborah Villepigue Granted Title of Independent Certified Jewelry Appraiser by the American Gem Society

I am honored to have been granted the title of Independent Certified Jewelry Appraiser by the American Gem Society. I am the only appraiser with this title in the entire state of New York. I am held to a high code of ethics. Consumer protection and education is our mission.Our society has developed its own cut, color and clarity standards. The ICGA title is the highest title that can be obtained in the entire jewelry industry. These credentials required extensive education, testing and hard work for many many years.

One of the many requirements to hold this title is the creation of a certified lab.The equipment in this lab is high tech and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.Many years of continuing education is spent learning to calibrate and interpret forensic equipment properly. We have to be vigilant and quicker than the bad guys which requires a great deal of forensic research.

As one of the higher echelon appraisers in the world I have the opportunity to share research and to communicate with my colleagues on a 24 hour basis.

Deborah A. Villepigue GG,RMV,AGA,ICGA
Independent Certified Gemologist Appraiser
Accredited Gem Laboratory®
Advanced Personal Property Appraiser
The Jewelry Appraiser Inc.
1295 Northern Blvd.
Manhasset NY 11030
516-365-0888 (Lab)

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