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What is a Jewelry Appraisal

An appraisal is a judgement of the value of a specific piece of jewelry on a specific date in a specific condition. It is a document that describes the quantitative and qualitative attributes of the piece required to derive a conclusion about the objective monetary value of the item. A qualified jewelry appraiser is an expert skilled in the science of appraisal through extensive training far above what’s required of normal jewelers.

Most jewelers are not qualified appraisers. When an accurate assessment of your property is what you need, Deborah Villepigue, GIA-GG, RMV, AGA, APPA, CGA, AGS-ICGA is the expert you can depend on. When Life and Style magazine wanted to do an appraisal for Lady Gaga’s engagement ring, they trusted The Jewelry Appraiser, Inc. In January 2018, Deborah appraised Paris Hilton’s 2 million dollar engagement ring. The Jewelry Appraiser, Inc. is familiar with the unique needs of celebrities and has been trusted by many to ensure precisely detailed appraisals that provide adequate coverage for their most valuable assets. From her expert testimony in the courts of New York to her guest appearances on shows such as NBC’s Meredith Viera Show, Deborah is widely respected for her experience, expertise and accuracy.

The Jewelry Appraiser, Inc. specializes in jewelry appraisals, estate jewelry and diamond valuation. We proudly serve the needs of individuals, professionals, businesses, retailers, the justice system and more.

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