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Jewelry appraisal

Deborah A. Villepigue GG,RMV,AGA,ICGA

Independent Certified Gemologist Appraiser

Accredited Gem Laboratory®

Advanced Personal Property Appraiser

Debòrah Ann Villepigue, one of the Industry’s foremost and credible Jewelry appraisers, has been professionally crafting her art since 1987. Her business, “The Jewelry Appraiser, Inc.”, of Manhasset, NY, offers a plethora of comprehensive appraisals and consultation services for the following:


Replacement Valuation—for Comparable Insurance Coverage Underwriting; 

Fair Market Valuationfor Estate, Taxation, or Distribution; 

Marketable Cash Valuation—for Trade or Prospective Sale of Personal Jewelry; 

Damage Assessment Valuation—for Insurance and Capital Loss; 

Donation Valuation—for Charitable Giving; 

Forensic Gemological Analysis Pursuant to Resolution of Legal Issues.

All documents provided by Debòrah Villepigue are widely accepted by major insurance companies, premiere auction houses, estate and probate attorneys and in most court situations.

When you work with Debòrah, you can expect more then just the discretion and value of a certain piece of jewelry. Her method of appraising is far more in depth when compared to industry standards and you will quickly recognize her passion in making your appraisal nothing but the very best.

Debòrah’s credentials include a Master Graduate Jeweller degree, which affords her the wisdom to know precisely what goes into making a particular piece of jewelry. She is quite capable of
evaluating the jewelry’s workmanship, making sure that your jewelry piece has been properly crafted and is suitable to wear. Feeling good and confident about your appraisal is Debòrah’s primary concern.

jewelry appraisal nyAn appraisal done by someone without the proper training will very often misinform their client, thus affecting many situations, such as; a return policy, a limited warrantee, the value of an heirloom, insurance, etc.

Most insurance companies will not cover the workmanship that goes into making a piece of jewelry. The qualified appraiser’s ability to know precisely whether a particular piece is or isn’t made correctly can mean the difference between feeling 100% secure and 100% sorry. Without a proper evaluation, a consumer may never be able to recover a substantial loss.

The Jewelry Appraiser facility contains only the most modern on site and mobile laboratories for all inspection, identification or analysis of: diamonds, colored gems, metals and fine jewelry.

appraise engagement ringDebòrah utilizes a wide array of gemological trade supplies and industry research to conduct all appraisals. Constantly pursuing additional education through the most recognized organizations, Debòrah appraises using the most up to date tools and technologies available within the jewelry appraiser industry.

Debòrah’s abilities and her passion to remain at the top of her profession, involves great persistence and dedication and has helped her to become one of the most widely recognized professionals amongst her peers.

Debòrah’s workload includes conducting daily research with in house reference tools, including the industry’s latest reference library. It includes current marketing, pricing and consumer trends for diamonds, colored gemstones, precious metals and fine jewelry.

All appraisals and services rendered by Debòrah and The Jewelry Appraiser, Inc., are governed by the industry’s leading recognized diamond grading system of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the Code of Ethics of The National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (NAJA), the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices (USPAP) and The American Society Of Appraisers (ASA).

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