Appraisals Should Be Done By a Qualified Appraiser

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A good jeweler who has worked hard to earn the prestigious credentials as a graduate gemologist is still not by any means a jewelry appraiser or someone qualified to assess and/or purchase diamonds on your behalf.

An independent, licensed appraiser is not involved in buying and selling jewelry — they are professional appraisers who dedicate their time and focus to providing the accurate appraising services. Many appraise a range of personal property, not just jewelry. Entrusting your appraisal needs to anyone other than a licensed appraiser is a great way to end up disappointed.

A jewelry appraiser worth their salt has completed years of intensely rigorous training to gain the extensive knowledge and experience necessary for accurate appraisals that will remain valid if challenged, unlike that of many other non-appraiser jewelry professionals. If you want to be educated about and discover the true value of your precious items, search for a licensed appraiser and do not be afraid to ask for references.

The outcome of having valuable assets appraised by someone other than a qualified jewelry appraiser is often disillusionment or being taken advantage of. From personal jewelry appraising to having an estate appraised in the courts, do your due diligence and make sure you’re in the right hands with an authentic appraiser. The last thing you want is to look back and say, “would’ve, should’ve, could’ve!”

If you have any questions about finding a licensed, qualified and credible appraiser in your area, feel free to contact me and I can direct you to someone who will take the greatest care of your goods.

Deborah Villepigue, GIA-GG, RMV, AGA, APPA, CGA, AGS-ICGA is an Independent Certified Gemologist Appraiser and has received the highest credentials possible through The American Gem Society. As a certified, registered Senior Gemologist appraiser, she is amongst a select few professionals, 1 of only 19 globally, who have been awarded this title through the American Gem Society.

The biggest problem with unqualified appraisers is that it is illegal to to impersonate a qualified jewelry appraiser or to offer appraising without having met the educational and experiential requirements. Once the impostor is caught, sure, they’ll get in trouble, but the real problem is that even if they did a decent job appraising your jewelry, once caught, the work they did for you becomes unofficial and the money you spent having your items appraised will have been a waste. You will then have to have your items re-appraised and will have to have all the documents redone to have a valid appraisal.

In summary, the greatest thing you can do is locate a highly recommended and credible independent certified appraiser who will take great care of you. Protect yourself and don’t become a victim!

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